Mobil Super Plus 95*

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There is always something within you that moves you forward. You car is a big part of your life, so by choosing Mobil Super Plus 95, you can do the same with your engine. Up until now everyone has sold the same basic fuel, so when it comes to what you actually put in your car, you haven’t had that choice to make. With Mobil Super Plus 95 you can now choose a fuel that helps your engine to perform at its best and helps you reach maximum performance on the road. A fuel unlike any you’ve used before.

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What’s in new Mobil Super Plus 95?

Mobil Super Plus 95 is our first fuel with advanced Mobil additives which are specially designed to give your engine 5 benefits, even if you wouldn’t normally buy 95 fuel. The combination of detergent, corrosion inhibitor, anti-adhesion compound, demulsifier and solvent fluid molecules has been specifically formulated to make an additive that helps clean your engine. The harmful deposits that can build up in your engine over time prevent your car from performing at its best. Find out how Mobil Super Plus 95 works to combat this below. A small difference in price, for only 1 EGP more than 92.

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Choose a better service

Not only will your engine receive all the benefits of new Mobil Super Plus 95, but you will also be able to pay for your fuel with a credit card and be served by our dedicated, trained pump attendants.

We know it’s these small details that make a difference, which is why we introduced Mobil Plus – a Service Excellence training program –to help our network of staff deliver the best experience across all Mobil service stations.

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Mobil has been serving Egyptian drivers for over 115 years. As a leader in technology and innovation, we’re always looking for ways to improve the quality of our fuels and the experience of filling up.

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*This product, Gasoline 95 Octane, is supplied by EGPC and contains special ExxonMobil Egypt S.A.E. additives, in accordance with the concerned authorities’ approvals. This product helps improve engine performance in line with advertisement, compared to non - additized gasoline 95 octane.
Benefits may vary based on a number of factors. For more information, call 16532.