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At Mobil service stations we offer:

Mobil Super Plus 95 Unleaded (95 Octane)
Unleaded (92 Octane)
Unleaded (80 Octane)

And now the brand new Mobil Super Plus 95**; our first fuel in Egypt with advanced Mobil additives, which are specially designed to help benefit your engine. The new technology in Mobil Super Plus 95 is designed to clean and protect your engine, and helps give you better performance and more kilometers per tank.

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Watch how your engine turns energy into motion

Take a different kind of journey. Travel through your engine to see how fuel works.

*EGPC is the manufacturer of fuel products.

** This product, Gasoline 95 Octane, is supplied by EGPC and contains special ExxonMobil Egypt S.A.E. additives, in accordance with the concerned authorities’ approvals. This product helps improve engine performance in line with advertisement, compared to non - additized gasoline 95 octane.
Benefits may vary based on a number of factors. For more information, call 16532.

***International Energy Agency
An initiative by FuelsEurope and the European Commission www.savemorethanfuel.eu