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Coronavirus Update

We understand many of you have worries around the spread of Coronavirus. We want to share some of the precautions that are being taken at Mobil service stations. We also want to thank those who are working to keep Mobil stations running.

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Choose a better fuel for your car with Mobil Super Plus 95*

Up until now everyone has sold the same basic fuel, so when it comes to what you actually put in your car; you haven’t had that choice to make. With Mobil Super Plus 95 you can now choose a fuel that gets you moving.

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Energy for your journey

Wherever your life takes you, our fuels can help get you there.

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We've gone a little further to make your life on the go a lot more easy and exciting. Visit our new Mobil Mart "The Way to Go" store and treat yourself to a quick tasty snack and a gourmet coffee!

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* This product, Gasoline 95 Octane, is supplied by EGPC and contains special ExxonMobil Egypt S.A.E. additives, in accordance with the concerned authorities’ approvals. This product helps improve engine performance in line with advertisement, compared to non - additized gasoline 95 octane.
Benefits may vary based on a number of factors. For more information, call 16532.

** EGPC is the manufacturer of fuel products.